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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love birthdays. I don't know why, but I just love them. I love making a fuss over them and I love even more when it's my own! Today is my birthday and this year it wasn't a fuss that I knew I needed (although, I did enjoy the one I got :) ). I knew exactly what I needed to do today.

So when my pre-natal appointment ended this afternoon and I found myself with an hour to myself I did what I really needed. I laced up my shoes and I ran. I needed the time and the space to really reflect on the last year and everything that's happened and running has become the method to my madness. About this time last year I really committed to my running and training for my 1/2 marathon and it became a way to feel strong and confident about myself. A way to blow of steam. A way to leave the world behind. A way to pray and think. A way to escape and sift through emotions and thoughts. In doing all of that, I gained confidence and courage in more ways then I knew I could.

It's about half way through 2013 and "courage" was the word that I chose to live this year by. I can see it threaded through not only 2013 so far but every inch of my last year.

This time last year we had the courage to put our house up in a (very) saturated market as Jason resigned from his job and accepted a new one in Halifax (finally!!) and we started to embark into a very unknown journey.

We moved to Halifax without having sold our house, lived with my parents in their 2 bedroom condo (love you guys!) as we waited and prayed that our house would sell. That we could buy a new one and finally feel settled.

I had the courage to step away from a very comfortable job which would soon be a home-based office, to do what I knew was right for me and accepted a new role with the bank (which I am so glad I did).

I had the courage to train for (and complete!) my first ever half marathon (and definitely not the last!).

We, as a family, had the courage to grow our family and find ourselves on a new an exciting journey of expecting a new life!

And finally, most heartbreakingly, I had the courage to sit and hold the hand of my most amazing Aunt and friend as she breathed in her last hours of life.

There have been so many changes over this past year. And a lot of highs...and a lot of lows. But we have been so blessed. We are settled and happy in our move and new house. We have been encouraged by the new (and some old) friendships that we've made and relationships with family we've grown. Gabe is amazing and my heart overflows with love for him everyday.

But without courage, none of that 27th year would have been possible. I never thought one year of life could hold so much triumph and heartache, but it has. I'm glad to be ending on year and starting a new one. A stronger, more confident, happier and more courageous me.

Happy Birthday to Me.


  1. Happy Birthday! I am so glad your 27th year brought you to this point. I hope your 28th year is full of even more blessings.

    Also? You are a rockstar for running. Seriously. I couldn't run while pregnant, and I DEFINITELY would have given myself a pass on my birthday.


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