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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New Normal

Saturday morning:
Wake up
Play "mini sticks" with my husband and little man
Go out for family breakfast at Cora's (YUM)
Go downtown
Pick up Racekit
Come home and watch Gabe play with his grandparents for a little while
Head out to swimming lessons
...and then it's 10:30 am

Sunday morning:
Wake up
Snuggle on the couch with Gabe and watch cartoons
Eat breakfast and give Gabe some breakfast
Get ready to head out and drive downtown
Watch a friend complete her 7km of a relay we were participating in
Run my own 7km of the relay
Pack up my car to drive back home (to warm up!!)
...and then it's 10:30 am

It amazes me the amount that I accomplish in mornings now that I'm a mom. Gabe wakes me up at the crack of dawn (I won't get into the specifics of those very scary early morning figures!), and by 10:30 everyday I've accomplished more in one morning usually then I had all day pre-baby (especially on weekends).

Would I love to stay snuggled up in bed for a Saturday morning not even getting up until 10:30 am? And then lazily hang out in my PJ's with a steaming cup of tea and nothing to do? Sure.

But I wouldn't trade our "new normal" for a million sleep-in mornings in the world. Because he is the best.


  1. That is the cutest and funniest picture in the world!

    It is crazy how much life changes, eh? (Although, truthfully, today I couldn't function so after doing the boys' morning stuff with them and getting Gavin down for his first nap, I slept on the couch while Cam watched TV next to me. So, I didn't accomplish anything...)

    For the record, I'm amazed that you can survive your days with Gabe's wake up time! You rock!

  2. Glad to hear that because there are a lot more sleepless in your future; not to mention the sleepless nights in the teen years.
    I am here for you :}


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