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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Un-Craftiness

I am the first to recognize that I am not a crafty person. And I come by it honestly, because my mom isn't either. We both have good intentions and high expectations of ourselves and our craft-like abilities...but our results always seem to fall a little..shall I say, short? More often then not, we will have an elaborate project and really feel like "this time will be different" or "this just looks so easy, surely we can do it!" only to end up in frustration, with a half-finished project ending in epic failure.

But that never stops us. We press forward to our next crafting venture.

So for quite sometime I have been admiring these Christmas ornament wreaths that adorn many homes over the holidays:

This year, I decided that I wanted needed one for our new house. being the crafty person cheapo that I am, once again found myself thinking "how hard can this  really be to make?" So I searched Pinterest (there's half my problem, my Pinterest addiction) and I enlisted the help of my mom. Again.

The evening stared out great. We turned on some Christmas music (which was a mysterious mix of N'Sync and 98 degrees that both of us claimed we knew nothing about) and laid out all of our supplies

We had a coat hanger, dollar store ornaments, a hot glue gun and a very sunny disposition!

All-in-all, it didn't go as bad as we that, we finished our project. But it didn't come easy. We purchased the wrong sized glue sticks, the balls kept falling off, the hot hanger was hard to manipulate...we were yet reminded again of our un-craftiness.

But here is the result:
We were incredibly skeptical at this point thinking...this looks pathetic. But we kept on going!

Hey...this is starting to come together


Needless to say, we were going to make 2...but ended up with 1. Not sure if we will brave a second.
What about you? Do you ever have lofty inspirations for seemingly simple projects (that never are quite what they seem)


  1. Okay. When you said "Ta Daaaaaaa!!" I pictured Cameron saying that (which he does every once in a while) so I loved the wreath even more.

    As far as I can tell it looks like it came out quite nicely! I think I am crafty... I've done some good craft projects in my day. I just always have big intentions and then never get around to doing any of it, so that makes me anti-crafty, I think.


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