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Monday, December 24, 2012

the wonders of His love

This Christmas hasn't been particularly festive for our family. It's been almost...disappointing, which feels almost terrible to even write.

I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas and I generally get pretty caught up in the spirit of it all. But this year has been different. Our life has been hectic as we both launched into new jobs, moved right before Christmas and have had some pretty serious family health issues weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of our whole family.

As a result, the things that I usually love to do at Christmas just didn't happen.

Christmas baking that I love getting caught up in the kitchen to complete? Didn't happen.

Long neighborhood walks (and drives) to look at sparkling Christmas lights? Didn't happen.

Cutting down our own Christmas tree?
Didn't happen.

Watching our favorite once a year Christmas movies?
Didn't happen.

Didn't happen.
Didn't happen.
Didn't happen.

I've felt a sense of disappointment about everything Christmas for the past week or so. And then Christmas snuck up on me. And maybe that's the way that it's supposed to be? The first Christmas never came with baking, wrapping presents, picking out the perfect tree. In fact, there were very few that would have been "prepared" for Jesus' birth as it snuck up on the world. Yes, there was anticipation, hope and yearning for Christ to come...but it really did sneak up on them.

Maybe that's the quiet reminder that I needed this year. Maybe it's helped me to stop and reflect on the wonders of His love in the truest sense of the form. Not just in the form of the first Christmas, but the wonders of His love that are gifts in my every day life.

My health.
My wonderful family.
My loving husband.
My beautiful baby boy. 

Enjoy the peace of Christmas. The joy of Christmas. And may you know, for yourself, the wonders of His love.

From our family to yours - Merry Christmas!

(thank you to Laura at Mommy Miracles for the reminder of the wonders of His love from your beautiful family Christmas card! :) )


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