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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A word for 2013

I was inspired by my friend ( & fantastic blogger ) Laura  to choose a word for 2012, and set my sights on one to live 2013 by. Choosing a word for 2013 was a non-issue for me, and I will get to that in a minute. But choosing a word to sum up all that was 2012, that was a great challenge.

2012 was a year of big changes for me and my family. There were big decisions. Many sleepless nights. Lots of health-scares with my extended family (that continue to haunt our lives). But it was also a year of warm and heartfelt memories (we took our 18 month old to Disney after all!) and a year of finally coming home, which was a long journey.

It was a year of dark, dark days that I was not sure I would be able to keep my head about water and see the light of day out of. But it was also a year of seeing the sun shining through as darkness drew to a close on each new morning.

It was a year of not knowing when, or why or how. But in reflecting back, so much of the unknowns become to crystal clear and when I really think about the was a year of faithfulness.

So faithfulness is the word I choose to sum up 2012. Knowing that all things happen for a reason. Looking back and knowing that God walked us through every storm and was smiling on our every happy moment. And I feel so glad knowing that I can label 2012 so confidently with that word - something that, had I of been asked halfway through the year, I was not sure I could do.

On the cusp of 2013 I remember sitting in the car with my husband and telling him I was not sure that I could face 2013. But here it is upon us. I felt like its presence loomed over us for a long time as is haunted me. And then it just came, like a whisper in the night along with all of my fear of facing it.

I know that 2013 as some demons that I have to face, and they scare me. 
But I also know that I will accomplish some great personal goals in 2013 (my like running my first half!) I know that it will be exciting to watch my baby boy continue to grow into even less of a baby and more of a boy. In saying that, it is with courage that I have chosen to take on this new year! 

Courage: The ability to confront fear, 
or intimidation.

Courage to be the best mom and wife that I can be as I continue to strive for a better balance. 

Courage to meet my personal goals despite the fear in my head telling me that I can not do it.

Courage to face all that 2013 has in store and know that I will continue to experience the same faithfulness that saw me through 2012.

So here is to 2013, a year of courage.  


  1. Well I do believe that my word for the year ahead is to

    Remember the past and all those happy times when there will be days i am not sure I can face the future.
    Remember God has been with me and continues to be with me through all of life's challenges.
    I am so glad your faithfulness paid off. When we are sinking in questions it is hard to see the surface but we have to keep treading hey. love you hon. Xoxoxox

  2. Good question, Candice.
    A word that's been on my mind these days is ABIDE.
    As in John 15:4 (if you abide/remain in me you'll bear much fruit...apart from me you can do nothing)
    I'm also reading a book about Psalm 23 as it speaks to the shepherd/sheep relationship and it's reminding me to just REST in the wise, loving, able care of God.
    So to me, ABIDE means to draw near to God and stay there, resting in him....regardless of the circumstance.

  3. It's a great word, Candice. Best of luck in everything!

  4. I think you will rock Courage this year, Candice. And I hope it isn't hard. I hope 2013 just knocks you down with how awesome it is! :) (And I'll be here to help you through the harder times if you need me!)


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