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Monday, April 15, 2013

Everybody Lies (and other simple truths).

I was a brand new mom. Rocking my days-old baby while feeding him in the wee-early hours of the morning. Wondering if I was the only person in the world awake at that time. Feeling like I must be the only person in the world awake that this time.

Dead tired. Fighting to keep my eyes open, and wondering to my dear, sweet baby - how are your eyes still open! In my somewhat irrational state of mind I started to think of my first few days as a new mom. What I had imagined it to be like (based on what everyone told me it would be like), and what it was actually like.

I thought about my birthing experience and how I felt post-partum.

I thought about life pre-baby.

I thought about life pre-pregnancy. Pre-marriage. Pre-adulthood. My high school years. My childhood years.

Needless to say, I did a lot of thinking. And one startling thought came to my mind...oh my goodness. Everybody lies. All I could think of was the alarming amount of lies I have been fed about every stage in my life so far. And I thought...I need to stop the cycle of lies. I need to tell the world. But how.

And then came my brilliant idea. I would write a book. I`ve always enjoyed writing (I think I got that from my grandmother). I was on a year of maternity leave, what else did I have to do (HA!). I would write a book highlighting all of the lies that I`ve been told and the truth will prevail. And I will call my book Everybody lies (and other simple truths). I thought it was brilliant. I began forming chapters in my minds, scripting the lies and the truths. I loved it.

But needless to say, that beautiful newborn is now a crazy toddler. And I`m at work, somehow didn`t find time to write a book on my year ``off``. But I still think about these lies. And I still want to share them with a world.

So I introduce to blog series. Titled Everybody Lies (and other simple truths).

The first lie I tackle is a big one for me, and may be a bit heavy. The lie is ``Enjoy highschool now! These are the best days of your life!``

Stay tuned...


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