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Monday, October 21, 2013

Gabe`s birthday interview

My baby boy isn't so much a baby anymore. Tomorrow he turns the big 3! While I can't believe that he's already getting to be so little a baby and so much a boy, it feels as though this is just the way life has always been. And I love it.
Gabe cracks me up and warms my heart everyday. He is the most loving, animated and fun boy I have ever known. There is absolutely nobody in the world that makes me feel as good about myself as my little man. He just has a way of encouraging so genuinely and making you laugh so freely.
I could go on and on about the quirks of Gabe, but instead I thought I would share a little insight into his little mind. So, inspired by my friend Laura at Mommy Miracles I decided to interview Gabe for his 3rd birthday.
Sunday, October 20th
Interview with Gabe and Mommy
How old are you: Almost three!!
Who is your best friend: Ummmm....Kianna!
What is your favorite toy to play with: This toy mommy! (Holds up his firetruck that he picked out because it "looked like Grampies firetruck")
What is your favorite thing to eat: Hot dogs!
What is your favorite color: Purple! Aaaaand...BLACK!
Where is your favorite place to play: At Aplaydia!
What is your favorite game to play: My racecars!
What is your favorite TV show to watch: Strawberry Shortcake!
What is your favorite song: Oh, oh song! (Jason and him listen to this in the car; The Cost by Rend Collective)
What do you want for your birthday: CUPCAKES!! Aaand balloon! And a lollipop!




  1. Very cute. We had a lot of fun Gabe's party thanks for including us.

  2. So cute - will have to remember this idea for future birthdays! Would be fun to have a book full of birthday interviews from each year to give them when they get older.
    Happy birthday to Gabe - hope he gets his cupcakes and balloon and lollipop!! :)


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