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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Goals!

2014 is here. I always love the start of a New Year. While I don't ever set specific "resolutions", I do like to set myself some goals for the New Year going forward. I've been thinking a lot about this next year and how different it's going to be for me having a newborn, 2 kids, and not working for the year. So I've been trying to keep all of that in mind and be really realistic with my goals this year - while trying to stretch myself a little bit.

Here goes.

My first goal is to run 1000 km's this year. Really, when you break it down, it's not a lot. But I decided I need to not set myself a goal race for 2014 (but watch out 2015 - hubs and I have our eye set on a great half marathon for our 10th wedding anniversary!) I want to focus on running just for the love of running. Running to get back in shape and build up strength and feel post-baby-confidence. In saying that, I knew that if I didn't have some sort of goal, I may not hold myself as accountable. 

Next - get back to pre-baby weight. Hubs said I can't really count this one because in his words, "that's a given". But it's top of mind going into 2014, so it's obviously a goal.

Try a new fitness routine. 2013 was all about run-run-running. With a little pre-natal yoga in there at the end. I really want to stretch myself to try something completely new-to-me.

Eat Clean!! This time last year, we were rocking our clean-eating diet. Riiiight up until I got pregnant. Then I got into the lovely stage of "I'm starving, but nothing looks good except...(fill in the blank with some sort of unclean junkfood)." So while we tried to maintain as clean-as-possible of a diet throughout my pregnancy, we were by no means strict about it. Now with two kids in my world, I'm extra conscious of wanting to make good, healthy, eating and lifestyle decisions for our family to help them grown to be healthy and fit kids. I'm excited to get back to our better eating routines with this one!

Unplug - at least once a week. I have our "Family Rules" on the wall in our house and one of them says "Be Present - Be Patient". This comes to mind a lot when I'm playing with Gabe, or snuggling with Addy, or talking with hubs and catch myself checking my phone. I need to be more "present" to me, this means not looking at my phone or trying to multi-task when I'm with my family. My goal is to unplug every Sunday (Sunday, because I know the whole family is always together on that day). 

I have some family goals in mind, some goals for the home, etc. But for today, these are just my personal goals. What about you?


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